Guide For Farming Diablo 3 Gold
#1 August 3, 6:54 pm
Guide For Farming Diablo 3 Gold
So far in Diablo 3 for the PC, there is one spot in the game that stands out among the rest for gold farming.What's the interest in gold farming in Diablo 3? Surely farming items is the best approach? Well that's a double edged sword. Check out my first legendary Diablo 3 item: Guide For Farming diablo 3 gold

First up -- gearing for farming gold. What gear to use for gold farming? Gold farming requires a high GF percent. Always include it. Given that with zero +GF you can still get hundreds of gold from a mob or barrel it's worth converting each pile into much more. At the same time you get more gold on higher difficulties. Shouldn't you just strap on your best survivability and dps gear and head to Inferno? (This is the kind of thing I love writing about in the guild.

Well not really. If you can farm Inferno without dying then sure -- few are in that boat though. The majority will find Inferno (or even Hell) too high a cost in repair bills. There'd be no point farming for gold if you are spending 25 percent or more on repairs. Buying cheap diablo 3 gold,diablo 3 gold at the coming of diablo 3 gold release date.

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