What is buy eggs in rural areas
#1 October 17, 8:09 pm
What is buy eggs in rural areas
But you is a muscle, you want an unguarded moment as twenty years ago gave birth to me, put me in a corner nook also hybrid female students, how should I be responsible. Riding a broken bike the next day you go tens of miles away to buy eggs in rural areas, and two baskets filled to the north of the city's farmers market to sell. Why ride north of the city, because my home in south, you have to bypass those old folks, do you think is how you sell eggs shame upright state workers. You got angry in the north of the city break market crying, you fifty cents and a wife to your mother arguing for half an hour, people call you not a man pointing to his nose. That winter, you ride in the snow fell, two basket of eggs broken over the ground, you squat down in the slimy mud to pick a few complete egg.
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Dad why you can not ride cars go? Have your hands across the bloody glove that you do not feel pain? Also you sighed out there drops tears. You are not willing to go over the mountain that no one can pity you, you are three miles away and a daughter of brats in the tree-lined road hand in hand. A few years later I can not eat eggs, and to this day I still photograph of the scene because of tears in the night, this is God's retribution to me now!Until I met you,I understand I could have had a smile,I know I can still embrace the original spring Dad, I am 23 years old that year. I finally left in this city, I fancy hair dyed, I painted the perfume behind the ears, when I started to speak English words plus, I go to bars online party, my boyfriend and I kissing in light music.
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Dad, I do not know where you are then Shangougou doing? Buckle toes, snoring, Xiliuxiliu eating noodles, holding the radio to listen to "Suitangyanyi"? Dad, your daughter has grown from the surface to get rid of you, neither you nor she had ever eaten so much pain all for one purpose, that is, to allow her to completely deny the history of your presence.In fact, that the tree did not leaf, the leaves are a painter painted, it is not true leaves, but it really leaves a vivid and true to the effect of the patient who has given a strong belief: live, as long as the piece of leaf do not fall, my life will not die. The results, he really recovered, out of the ward to the tree under the tree to see what happens. He stood under a tree, the artist's intention was moved Dad, when I know the love of a man in this life, I ask you: "Dad, he is a farmer's son, he has no money, he looks and will not be a big skill." You say: "You can see for yourself! You grow up dad to discipline you."
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Dad, when I left this life love man, I was alone in a city thousands of miles away from you cried for a month, one month after your daughter better than anyone else seemed weary. Dad then I began to hate you, stop me if you do not close before the unrealistic love, if you can remind me of love before children are castles in the air for the poor, even if you force me, and before that the poor can kid broke or not recognize my daughter, so I will not blame you later! Father, a dozen years ago, the little boy tugging at your collar son of effort gone? Brush off your sanitary napkin on my dust carefully where to go? Are you afraid of me shaking hot big palm-leaf fan fears gone? Dad, you never at a certain moment allow themselves to be an incompetent father, so many years I did not get too little from your guidance, I foot deep shallow kick of exploration to grow up, why can not you be You can navigate to my father, in addition to your fan palm-leaf fan, but also why sell eggs? I always thought the previous injury has deep pain of the,I have always thought he would not again have the ability to love a.From then on I always thought I would not even believe that the love of the world Daddy, time always goes by in our hand, I have nothing to seize the moment, you have so old.
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Your hair is a lot of white people than any other age, you have no principles laughing and joking all day, you old man bent over his eyes, and some fight cards, you look at those who tell and show the replay Qing gentry and Ji Xiaolan, you always said Chechen illegal armed Yugoslavia. Dad, how old do for you but also my father? I have not come and in the rain to you in such an umbrella, I have not come and after the grievance against your shoulder to cry, but you do not come and told me "daughter, everything my father." Dad, everything is too late, you will so old. Everything had a chance when your daughter will be seeing another young man appeared out of thin air away. I feel wronged, I do not want to let another man so soon have to start replacing your value!
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Il semble inutile d'escalader les plus hautes montagnes, d'y risquer la mort et le gel, ou de descendre au fond des gouffresSAC a main. Inutile sauf au bonheur. Ceux qui peuvent, grimpent ; ceux qui ne grimpent pas applaudissent.thomas sabo Et les riches ne sont à peu près heureux que s'ils se servent de leur fortune pour travailler davantage.Après avoir vaincu ses rivaux,SAC a main le financier continue de risquer pour se dépasser lui-même. Il a plus d'affaires qu'il n'en peut administrer?Il en crée de nouvelles. Pour un homme qui a gouverné et joué le grand jeu, la retraite est presque insupportable. Il ne peut se désintoxiquer de sa drogue favorite : l'action. Il lui reste la ressource d'écrire ses mémoires et de revivre ainsi ses rudes actions.
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